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    SHANGHAI JUNHENG INDUSTRY TRADE CO.,LTD. , established in Shanghai in June 2010, is located in Shanghai hongqiao economic belt zhao lane of new town development zone, the registered capital of 5 million, senior technical team, first-class products and is a professional committed to the mechanical equipment oil (grease), metal processing oil (liquid), rust-proof oil (agent, membrane, fat), industrial cleaning agent (powder), when molding process and industrial products additives six major series of hundreds of products research and development, production, sales and technical services of the enterprise. At home and abroad for many years, jung constant products are widely used in machine tool processing, automobile and motorcycle accessories, hardware manufacturing, mold manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, textile machinery, wind power industry, printing machinery, boiler manufacturing, electronic industry, aerospace, rail transportation and other production areas, ? ...
¨ 1, metal processing oil (oil)
¨ 2, machinery equipment oil (grease)
¨ 3, product, rust-proof membrane lipid (agent)
¨ 4, metal cleaning powder (agent)
¨ 5, molding processing oil (liquid)
¨ 6, industrial products additives
¨ 7, Release agent series
¨ 8, Paste series
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Tel :+86-021-59752800 Fax :+86-021-59751586 Post code :201703

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